Famous Wedding Destinations in India


Wedding season is in its initial stage and by the time December comes, it will be at full speed. Everyone has a dream or a desire for their wedding. Some want the Gala and the royal weddings while some want to keep it short and simple. But for those who […]

Benefit of Virtual Private Service to managed hosting


Virtual Private Server (VPS) aka Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is actually installed on computer serving/hosting multiple websites. Even a single computer can be a VPS with its own operating system that runs the hosting software for specific use. Each VPS is equipped with web server application, a mail server and […]

Yoga around the World: Best Yoga Retreats


Some people travel for adventure, some for recreation, some for religion and some only for contemplation simply to rejuvenate. Rejuvenation reminds us of Yoga. Originated in India, this age old practice is steadily taking over the entire world. Yoga, its enthusiasts, and teachers demonstrate how sparing out even 15 minutes […]

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