A Brief Guidance To PC Gamer in Budget


Serious online or offline gamer who hold a certain spot in their heart for FPS, MMO-RPG, Strategy, or other genres of games, no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on a next generation gaming rig for a flawless gaming experience. Finding the best gaming desktop PC under 800 dollars is not the toughest goal to achieve anymore. Therefore, with sufficient guidance and a little compromise, you can always discover your suitable machine. Here’s a list for the best budget PCs under 800 dollars available in the latest computer market. If you are a next generation gamer and always look for AAA games to play and is not ready to compromise the frame rate to be any less 60 fps, the CYBER POWER PC Gamer X is the best gaming desktop PC under 800 dollars. It comes with all the required components for moderate gaming with extraordinary red LED fans on both front and back side.

Everything It Offers
This budget PC offers enough components for high-end gaming, such as

AMD RX 580 4GB graphics card
Intel Core i5 7400 7th Generation
8 GB of DDR4 RAM
11 AC wireless adapter
1 channel audio support
Free mouse and keyboard
The Good Part:
High quality graphics card
Sufficient CPU memory
Enough RAM
Plenty of storage capacity
Free mouse and keyboard
The Bad Part:
Poor quality Intel Stock CPU cooler
Premium PSU is not pre-installed

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