Alarm clock earphones” recommended for people who oversleep on the train


I was swayed by the train and I was sick.I was passing the station where I should get off when I noticed! !! Would like to recommend to those who have experience that I say, wake me up in the “vibration” eyes awake earphone .There is also a vibrating type alarm clock that can be wrapped around your arm, but earphones that you can wear on your ears are neither unnatural nor sound, so you can use them safely on the train.There is no doubt that it will surely occur by transmitting vibration to the sensitive part of the ear! !!
It seems that there are three levels of strength and weakness, but according to the review of the person who used it, it seems that the brain vibrates even at the medium level, and at the strong level it is a vibration like pressing a massager .
What’s that, it’s too intense It’s a white thing that can definitely happen, but it seems that it will jump up due to sudden vibrations where it’s out (laughs) No matter how much the sound does not sound and it does not bother other people However, it may be a little embarrassing to jump up on a crowded train . It’s such a violent vibration, but it’s safe because it’s designed so that it doesn’t hurt your body.
The price is yen, which is also expensive for an alarm clock, but it is recommended for people who often overrun. Especially, it doesn’t become fashionable to get over the train just before the last train .For those who have had a situation such as one night somewhere until the morning without a train, it may be cheap in the sense that it will surely wake you up.
A new sensation alarm that wakes you up with the scent .Sensor Wake is a new type of alarm clock that allows you to wake up with [fragrance].This product was talked about at the “Google Science Fair” in 2014 as “it may be an invention that will change the world. I was surprised that the inventor was an 18-year-old boy.
In addition to espresso and hot croissants, the scented flavors include sweet peach and strawberry candy, harmonic chocolate, seaside (sea), stimulating ginger, refreshing peppermint, freshly cut lawn, and money scent. There are also strange things like that.
It seems that it is very easy to replace and set the cartridge, and it seems that one cartridge can be used about 60 times.Compared to being woken up by a loud alarm sound, waking up with the aroma of freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee is the ideal way to wake up.
It’s a dream-like alarm clock, but you can really wake it up just by smelling it. Some people think that.
Regarding the credibility of awakening by scent, it seems that he actually conducted an experiment, and according to a test conducted on more than 100 people, it was found that sensor wake wakes up the user within 2 minutes at a rate of 99%. He said he did.
The remaining 1% is the result of not being able to feel the scent due to a stuffy nose .
Does that mean that it is not very suitable for people who have chronic rhinitis and have a stuffy nose, or during the hay fever season.
However, it also has an alarm function in case it does not wake up due to the scent, and if it does not wake up after 3 minutes , the alarm will sound, so for the time being, you can wake up with an ordinary alarm clock, but I want to wake up comfortably! It is good for those who say.

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