Create A Relaxed Bedroom


Of course we all want a peaceful , clutter-free bedroom we can retreat to at the end of the day,but how do you achieve it ? Follow our simple tips to see how easy it can be. Soft shades of blue and green are traditionally associated with bedrooms as they create a feeling of calm. Follow one of summer’s top trends and paint your walls in a soothing aqua shade.Go for a paint with a chalky finish to keep the look soft and leave the woodwork and ceiling white for a fresh feel.Here we’ve combined aqua walls with raspberry pink accessories to add warmth.For a more vibrant scheme you could use lemon yellow instead.

Look out for the new four posters designs which are understated but still have a romantic air. Dressing it with layers of curtains can make your room feel enclosed so keep the look simple by hanging a panel from the rail behind the bed. It’s easier said that done but your bedroom should be a clutter free zone.The right furniture and storage are key to make it happen.Consider under bed storage or large ottoman at the end of your bed for shoes and accessories .See over the page for more tips. There’s an uncommon to worn surface that have that have been polished by decades of use.Paint become variegated and reveals subtle undertones;metal takes on a darker,richer hue;fabrics grow soft;wall coverings fade to sepia hues.If the floors,walls,or furnishings of your bedroom have vintage appeal,consider using them as a point for layering the space with a palette of aged textures.

Sometimes the shape and style of a room itself can inspire a texture palette.Small rooms-especially attic bedrooms often demand imaginative solutions.The deep eves and irregular angles of this bedroom called for an asymmetrical furniture arrangement centered on a simple metal bedstead,allowing the bed to take center stage and set the tone for the room’s decor.Angled in to the stage from a corner,the open silhousette of the antique frame lets the surrounding textures of wall covering,bed lines,and silk striped voile window panels shine through. Twin distressed old chests echo the bed’s antique appeal.With a bureau scarf matched to the bed skirt,one chest displays a simple textured still life:metal,glazed ceramic,clear glass,and ruffled blossoms.Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting-using several different light sources like side lamps overhead pendants light and uplighters will allow you to adjust the light levels depending on what you are doing .It’s also worth having the main lights on a dimmer switch so you can change the atmosphere instantly.

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