CTS Coupe has drool factor


There was no doubt that Cadillac would follow up its CTS success with a coupe and there was immediate demand for the two-door version of the sedan almost immediately after its introduction. But, wait…this is not simply a clone of the sedan. This car is on the same basic platform as the other CTS models with length and width the same as the CTS Sedan and CTS V. The model we drove was equipped with the 3.2 litre, 304 HP V6 that was matched to the 6 speed automatic transmission with the optional steering wheel shift controls. It is part of a $2,200 option package including 19” polished aluminum wheels and tires, performance disc brakes and cooling system. The sticker price on the model tested was $50,035. The base vehicle is under $40,000 – a great price.

I love this coupe. It looks as though it was built for speed, even when at a full stop. The coupe exterior is different from the A-pillar back with a more steeply angled shape and lower roof than the CTS. It also has a wider look from both the profile and rear and for good reason – the rear fenders hide wider tires and wheels which are, in fact, wider than the front tires. The handle-less exterior doors reminded me of concept vehicles that I had seen at car shows for decades, and they are an exceptional design feature. We all know that most concepts have no chance of ever seeing the light of day and GM deserves applause for making it happen. A hidden soft button with a comparable button on the inside of each door does the job very well, thank you.

The interior is striking, from the cluster to the ambient lighting which follows the real wood trim to punctuate the sumptuous curves of the cockpit. The seats were very comfortable and I felt that I was never at risk of losing control even on hairpin turns. I am short but the driver’s side seat controls lifted me enough to compensate for blind spot issues. As in all coupes, I find the back seat is mostly for show unless the front seat occupants are short and small in stature and have the seats moved far forward. This is a four seater only since there is a rear center console. There is good cargo space, however, since the coupe is also a hatchback.

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