Detective Conan What is the identity of the black organization Lamb?


Movie Pure Black Nightmare

The 2016 latest movie version of the popular anime [Detective Conan] [Detective Conan: The Nightmare of Pure Black] has started screening on April 16th From those who have already seen it,The best masterpiece suitable for the 20th anniversary.The best in the last few years,Personally, the top class in history.I have received quite a high evaluation and so on, if there just a story about a mystery in many cases [Black Organization], has attracted public attention.

By the way, it’s surprising that the Black Organization will appear in the movie for the first time in seven years since the 13th movie [Pure Black Tracker] released in 2009.

In [Pure Black Nightmare], actress Yuki Amami acts as a guest voice actor, and the theme song is as gorgeous as B’z, but the guest voice actor has been appointed as a “member of the Black Organization” in the past. There is no example in. As expected it is the 20th anniversary.

One night, a spy who invaded Japanese police tried to bring out confidential data of organizations around the world such as British “M16”, German “BDN”, American “CIA”, and FBI, but led by Toru Amuro. Public security rushed in and failed.
The spy steals the car and escapes, and a dead heat develops on Amuro and the highway, but Shuichi Akai of the FBI causes the spy’s car to fall far below the road.

The next day, Conan and his friends, who had been renewed and visited the hugely successful Toto Aquarium, find a beautiful woman who is injured and standing alone under the huge Ferris wheel, which is the centerpiece of the aquarium.The beautiful woman has a different color on her left and right eyes, commonly known as “odd-eyed cat”.However, she has lost her memory and does not know her name.

Conan and his friends, who promised to help restore that memory, decided to spend time with her.
It was Vermouth, a black organization, who was watching the whole story of her and Conan in the shadow.Vermouth left the scene and told the intercom he was wearing.

This movie is sure to be exciting from the beginning because Toru Amuro of the Public Security Police, Shuichi Akai of the FBI, and Vermouth of the Black Organization will suddenly appear.The key to the story is the mysterious beauty of “odd-eyed cats”.

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