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For all those who love sharing photographs on facebook here’s good news. Facebook has announced some striking updates that the photo sharing in facebook will now have. The features announced by facebook are expected by the users to be loved to the core. It’s been made simple, easy, and attractive this time. Now you can view the high resolution photos in facebook in a streamlined fashion rather than waiting for the photos to load every single time you click on one. Now you can “tag” many people in one go. Sam Odio, facebook Photos product manager announced about the all new photo viewing features in facebook.

Till now facebook was using the Java technology for its photo tagging applications which was comparatively a not so good experience. When facebook realized that what it is offering to its users is not sufficient, it planned to come out with something new. It’s also believed that such features in facebook photo sharing are also a need to stay at an edge with competitors in social networking. The new photo uploading technology in Face book will take place with the help of a more advanced flash technology. Now facebook would be using 2048 pixel resolution. Friends will now get an option of uploading those pictures quite rapidly.

The new feature of photo tagging in facebook will allow the users to tag many of their friends in bulk rather than doing it individually. However, facebook insists that it won’t be going into the facial recognition technology in a more complicated way. Right now facebook wishes to stay away from many other photo tagging and photo uploading features that facebook considers a “touchy subject”. Now even if you reach a particular photo directly from your updates, you will still be able to browse through the entire album in the similar new technique. So, it’s all new facebook for photo freaks now.

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