Five Popular Positions for Breastfeeding


This is one of the best positions for breastfeeding. You are seated in a comfortable chair with arm rests. The baby should be held in the crook of your hand, across the breast from when you are feeding from. The right arm for the left breast and it is vice versa for the other. The mouth of the baby should be guided to the mouth. Do take into consideration that you should lean too forward or backward. Once the baby is cradled on your lap, they should be lying on your side. If the need arises, you can rely on the use of pillows to support the baby or your elbows. You are bound to need pillow support in the first few weeks when the size of the baby is small. One may also need to support the breast.

Mothers who have had a C section may rely on this position. The main reason for it is that the baby is kept away from the incision. Here the head of the baby is supported with the help of your hand and the arm is used to support the back. With the help of other arm you support the breast. Once the baby is small you would need to use pillows to bring the baby to the correct height. What happens in this position is that the mother lies on a bed or a couch, which supports your shoulders or head.

Once again look out for plenty of support and be comfortable as far as possible. Do rest the baby in any position which fees comfortable to you. The cheek of the baby should rest on your breast and then you would need guide them towards the nipple. This position works out to be the most comfortable, and that is especially in the first few weeks of your pregnancy where you would need to rest more at night. Here in this position both the mother and the baby lie on both sides facing each other. Once again you can rely on pillows if any form of support is needed.

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