Happy Healthy Holiday Hints


Check on road conditions and weather ahead of time. Check weather.com or another weather site you trust for the forecast. Also visit the Federal Highway Administration’s site, at for traffic information and links to other traffic sites. Bring a cell phone and make sure you have a charger. Always bring your cell phone in case of an emergency but never text or email while driving. Unless you have a hands-free phone, it’s not even a good idea to talk on your phone while on long trips.

Always wear your seatbelt. Regardless of what type of vehicle you’re driving, always wear your seatbelt, even if driving a van or RV. Make sure all passengers have their seatbelts buckled at all times. Watch for drunks. Did you know more people are killed in accidents on Thanksgiving weekend than even on New Year’s Day weekend? About half of these accidents involve drunk drivers. Don’t eat too much. Turkey contains a natural sedative called L-tryptophan that can make you groggy. And over-eating in general makes you tired. If you’re bringing food on the trip, keep it in the trunk so it isn’t a distraction for you or your passengers. Keep children occupied. So they don’t distract you, make sure the kids have plenty of games, homework or other activities to keep them busy sot they’re not a distraction for you.

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