Let’s understand the difference in materials before remodeling


What are the benefits of solid wood?

The characteristic of solid wood is the texture and texture of the wood itself, which is one of the attractions of using it as a

flooring material.Unlike plywood, each piece has a different grain and color, and the color changes over the years, so you can feel

the depth of antique taste with the years of use.

Another advantage of solid wood is the ability to adjust temperature and humidity, which can be expected to improve the comfort of

your home.The wood has a humidity control function that absorbs excess moisture and releases it when it dries, so you can spend

comfortably without sticky flooring even in the humid summer months.In addition, the wood contains air between the fibers, which

keeps the room temperature and prevents the flooring from getting cold even in winter.

Understand the difference between solid wood and plywood

When considering flooring remodeling, such as whether it is resistant to water and dirt, and how it feels to the touch, it is

important to first know the difference in the properties of the flooring material.
As I explained earlier, solid wood has advantages such as softness and humidity adjustment function, but depending on the type of

wood, it may be easily scratched, and the humidity may cause warpage or gaps. ..
On the other hand, plywood is made by stacking several thin boards or coating the surface to cover these disadvantages of solid wood

and make the flooring resistant to scratches and twists.
For this reason, plywood is used around the water such as kitchens and washrooms, and solid wood is used for bedrooms and living

rooms where people spend a lot of time in their daily lives. If you devise the arrangement of the flooring material, the flooring

will last longer even after remodeling.

How to maintain solid flooring

Unlike plywood, solid wood is vulnerable to water and chemicals, so there are some points to be aware of when cleaning it.
Solid wood is vulnerable to moisture, and if left with spills or water droplets on it, it may cause stains or warpage.
If you drop a drink, sauce, or food in your daily life, wipe it off immediately.
When it comes to cleaning, it’s a good idea to avoid wiping with water and vacuum with a dry cloth or mop.
If the dirt does not come off with a dry wipe, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth or a neutral detergent such as a dishwasher.

Also, if you are painting with oil, wax with the same paint used for remodeling once a year or once every two years.
At this time, if you use synthetic resin wax for urethane coating, it may cause fluffing and stains on the floor, so be sure to check

the wax components.

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