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During these hard years in financial point of view, saving money might seem almost impossible. However, people who are money wise cannot only make ends meet, they can even save. These people follow a few main rules that they were eager to share. Of course, one could follow some of the rules or omit others. After all, we all need to feel relaxed in our cheap apartments in Barcelona and well and not be unhappy with what we are doing. So, where shall we start from?

The first tip that we can use when money saving is involved, is to recycle and reuse the things that we can. This may include plastic bags, your cold coffee, the shirts and pullovers you bought last year. There are rechargeable batteries that you can use, saving energy lamps, etc. You can learn to live in a simple way, without cutting those small things that make you really happy. The second tip that you might find useful is to limit the consumption of electricity and water. If you think that switching the lamp in the corridor when you are all in the living room or asleep is not important, but it is. You might think that if you stop the water while you are brushing your teeth will not count, but it will.

In case that you smoke, try to quit that habit. Smoking is bad not only for your health, but also for your pocket. Estimate how much money you will save if you quit buying cigarettes. If this is too hard, why not try smoking a pipe instead? If you like alcohol, try to limit it. You can go with a glass of good red or white wine during dinner and that will be absolutely enough. Such quantities of wine are proven to be good for your health and they will be good for your pocket too. In case that you are a shopaholic, try to think if you need a certain purchase before you go to the store. If you have a device that can already do the things that you want, if you already have a similar skirt or jeans, try to save the money you previously intended to spend on these items.

Now, if you pay too much for using your mobile phone, or if your fees for the internet and the satellite television are too high, try to find a provider that will present you a better price or will offer you a combo package for all the services you need. You can also cut on the evenings out. After all, you can cook a healthier meal at home and watch a movie in your living room, rather than going to the cinema. No matter which of these tips you decide to follow, remember that not always the cheapest option is the best one, better look for items, services and places to stay in London of acceptable quality for a normal price. And finally, try not to go in the other direction and become a miser.

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