Organization Department of Yulin Municipal Party Committee: Promote exceptionally according to procedures


On the afternoon of the 11th, in response to a question raised by netizens on whether Liu Yaping was promoted to deputy county head

at the age of 28, the Organization Department of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee provided a “Explanation on Comrade Liu Yaping’s

Relevant Situation.”

  The explanation stated: Liu Yaping, female, Han nationality, born in August 1979, from Jiaxian County, Shaanxi Province, joined the

Communist Party of China in December 2000, university degree, Bachelor of Arts, and currently deputy head of Shenmu County.

  From September 1997 to July 2001, studied in the Chinese Department of Yan’an University;

  In March 2001, after participating in the recruitment of staff and national civil service examinations from college graduates in

Shaanxi Province at all levels of party and government agencies, they were assigned to the Yulin City Organization Office in November

2001 by the Yulin Municipal Personnel Bureau. September 2004 Served as Deputy Chief of the Secretarial Section of the Yulin City

Planning Office in December 2006;

  In August 2007, the Yulin City and County (District) People’s Congress, the government, and the CPPCC were changed. According to the

requirements of the leadership structure, after democratic recommendation and inspection, and reported to the Provincial Party

Committee Organization Department for approval, Comrade Liu Yaping was exceptionally nominated as a deputy county in Zizhou County

Long candidate

  On September 3, 2007, the 28th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth People’s Congress of Zizhou County decided to be

appointed as the deputy head of Zizhou County;

  Since September 2011, he has served as deputy head of Shenmu County.

  As of press time, the personal resumes of relevant leaders of the Shenmu County government including Liu Yaping in the “Window of

Leadership” column of Shenmu Government Affairs Network have been completed.

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