Reasons for leaving the prestigious art school in England


I originally had an undergraduate degree in science, but I took a music class there, which was the reason I started composing. Unlike the United States, British science universities do not have a general education. Since you can graduate in three years, you are forced to take liberal arts courses so that you are not biased toward your specialty. Art, music, history. In the music class, there was a handsome teacher (laughs) and I liked music. I had to do it because composing was my homework, but since I loved music so much, I was used to making music that wasn’t too stereotyped, or the first song was 49 seconds. .. I wasn’t good at it, so I could only write for 49 seconds, but when I submitted it thinking “this is fine” and “this is cool”, it has a good reputation. “It’s weird but funny” was praised by a handsome teacher, and it was like “I did it!” (Lol)

After writing 5 songs for my homework, my friends liked it so much that I started playing live. At that time, I was still a hatachi, and I could say “live fun”, “party life”, “club life”, I could go to the club for free, and I could call my friends as guests. At that time, I lived in a lot of clubs such as Brick Lane and Shoreditch, and I was a club girl. (Laughs) I went out to play every night and it was a lot of fun. In London, there was a warehouse, it was easy to go, the entrance was cheap, and I played with a very casual feeling.

I was 20 years old when I graduated from college, and it was pretty early, so I was a programmer for about two years. British programmers have a good daily salary, so they earn free money from programming for half a year and spend the next six months playing music freely. I was really into youth culture. After two years of such a life, he said, “It’s fun like a dream, but it shouldn’t be the same.” I thought I couldn’t move forward from the club scene and underground scene at this rate, so I entered the graduate school of the Royal College of Art (RCA) because I wanted to study properly in order to evolve the activities I was doing at that time.

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