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Since I was a student, I’ve been using Twitter (Twitter) quite naturally. When I was a student, I didn’t have much money, so I asked my followers, who naturally increased on Twitter, to “help me with my work.” “In the case of the menstrual machine Takashi. Was produced by the staff gathered on Twitter. About 20 people gathered. Moreover, only the people I met for the first time on the day. Photographers, directors, hair and makeup artists, stylists, and many other people gathered. So even poor students managed to make it. Twitter is like, “When you say what you want to do, people come together.” I have also held an exhibition on Twitter. In February of this year, there was a gallery () in a fashion building called Omotesando GYRE, which has Chanel, and it was decided to exhibit there ( EYE OF GYRE, ” Tweet Me Love, Sputniko! “Exhibition). I didn’t curate the exhibition itself, but I asked the followers (= volunteer staff) who gathered on Twitter to curate it freely. Give me my work and say, “Please exhibit your favorite things here.”

When free culture permeates, amateur culture can be created, but there will be situations where art and music are limited to amateurs. When it comes to amateurs alone, I don’t know if it’s really good for culture. Actually, I’m from amateur culture, and it’s also a symbol of amateur culture, and I gather people on Twitter to make it, but I’m trying to give it to everyone like “It’s good. It’s amazing.” I have no feelings. I think I have to think about some future method. It’s not such an easy “happy amateur culture”.However, it is a little doubtful whether doing this kind of thing on the Internet is really utopia (= ideal town). Because everyone works for free, I think that creative people will get more and more painful.

I’m doing it now with a sense of mission, thinking “I can’t keep it like this” and “I have to spend money properly”.On the last day, there were a lot of objects brought by my followers in the gallery, I didn’t make anything and I didn’t show anything, but I just went there and said, “Today, it’s funny.” I see. (Laughs) “Everyone is making something like this and thinking about this.” It’s my exhibition, but I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I’ve done that kind of experiment.

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