Tablets vs. injections of Standalone


Stanozolol is a commonly used drug and is known for its high androgenic and anabolic levels that lead to an added amount of protein production in our body. It improves nitrogen retention as well. The medication doesn’t cause aromatization, water retention, fat accumulation, and pattern of gynecomastia. With a proper diet, you will be able to have the drug in the right way. You need to add 1.5 to 2 g protein as per one pound of your body to get good results of the drug. The Stanozolol liquid and pill was considered to be effective in steroid for weight gain and was approved for getting steady weight gain in lean muscle mass. This lasts even after you have suspended the medication. Some people tend to use it during the competition, while some only keep it for offseason because of its oral hepatotoxicity.

The new users and older men can get good and effective second cycle gains by combining 50 mg of the drug with Primobolan Depot of 50 to 100 mg every 2-3 days. You can also mix the drug with Deca Durabolin of around 200 to 400 mg every week. Some men have reported having power gains and mass by using 50 to 100 mg of oral Stanozolol with testosterone suspension every day of around 50 to 100 mg. The weekly doses are considered high for athletes.

Winston injections are known as Winston depot and they come in the category of anabolism androgenic steroids inject able. The oral form of the drug is less effective than the injection, and their prices also tend to differ. People who have oral doses less than 25 pills are known to have mega doses. The oral drug has 17-alpha-escalated steroid and that is not ideal for the liver. This is tough to deactivate testosterone and the custom derivative. The oral use of Standalone in milligrams is known to be more potent than the form of injections and that can be more toxic to our liver. People tend to use doses of Stanozolol by dividing that into 2-3 does and maintain circulatory androgen elevation.

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