The 3 key trends shaping the Data Science Hiring Market


From a long time, there is a huge accumulation of data that has been going on in the digital market. Only a handful of resources knew how to use this collection and make with it in a beneficial way. But given the circumstance and the market scenario now, data has exploded and is everywhere, and the time has come to utilize it to its full potential for one’s own benefit. And, thanks to the ever-increasing demand for data scientist, there is a boom in the industry and ample of job on disposal. Needless to say, having a flair of understanding and deciphering these data is one of the main criteria which a person need to fulfill and abide by. Having a data science certification adds icing to the cake.

With the data science industry captivating the market, there are opportunities waiting to be explored. Going by the study there are three crucial trends which is making the market carousel back and forth. Here are those 3 trends to look out for, for instance if you are looking for a job in the industry. More Mastered candidates on the roll- Who doesn’t prefer to fast pace their career growth? And, well a Master’s degree does exactly this to a science graduate, or someone with great analytic skills. The last year’s study revealed that candidates having 0-3 years of work experience are more likely to pursue a Master degree rather than opting for a high profile PHD which is more research and data oriented. This is the result of the digital wave, in which are the big data aspirants wants to flow by and make a stunning career out of it. Those intrigued by the data science industry, prefers to pursue Masters rather than spending academic years and then joining the career.

Transition from Traditional to Contemporary- Another factor that determines the hiring market for data professionals is that more and more professional who previously used to work on predictive analytics are now transitioning and taking up deciphering data in modern style and with latest tools. There are some necessary tools and skills which a date science professionals adhere by. There are data science certifications which is helping aspirants to cope up with the challenges of learning and deploying new skills.

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