What is the difference between solid flooring and plywood flooring?


It is generally said that the life of flooring is about 15 to 20 years, but the floors and corridors of the living room where

families often gather in daily life are easily scratched or soiled by dust and small debris. Since it is a place, it is time to

remodel when you start to worry about squeaks and scratches on the floor regardless of the number of years.

In addition, remodeling in the living room has a larger floor area than other places, and the impression of the room changes greatly

depending on the material and texture of the flooring.
The materials used for flooring are roughly divided into “plywood” and “solid”, and their properties, functionality, and care methods

vary greatly.
Plywood flooring material is also called laminated wood, and it is made by stacking several thin veneer boards and sticking a sheet

of wood pattern on the top surface or sticking a thin board of wood.
On the other hand, solid wood is made of only one piece of natural wood, without sticking the boards together, and is called solid

wood because it is pure.
In the past, plywood flooring, which is functional and affordable, was the mainstream, but nowadays, not only solid wood is

expensive, but also some wood types and production areas are starting to reduce costs, and solid wood is becoming available. Due to

the warmth and softness of the material, it is becoming popular as a remodeling material.

On this site, we will introduce how to use solid wood that can be used for various remodeling such as flooring, doors, tables,

pillars of houses, its features, and how to care for it for a long time. I will.
Let’s create a relaxing space surrounded by the warmth of solid wood wood, triggered by the remodeling.

Solid flooring has different resistance and floor strength depending on the finish of the paint.
“Urethane coating” uses synthetic resin to create a thin film to increase the strength against scratches and water.
“UV urethane coating” is a mixture of ordinary urethane paint and a component that cures with ultraviolet rays, which is even

stronger than ordinary urethane coating and can also give gloss.
While these paint finishes are scratch resistant and easy to clean, they lose some of the softness and texture of the wood.
Therefore, if you want to enjoy the softness and feel of solid wood itself, “oil painting” is recommended.
The floor is protected by infiltrating the interior of the wood with a paint such as vegetable oil, so you can maximize the goodness

of solid wood without hardening the floor surface.

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