What is the taste of Karaage-kun Hoimi from Dragon Quest


Speaking of Lawson’s signature products, the cute chicken (though it seems to be a fairy) package is eye-catching, I’ve released a lot of new products so far, but it seems that the mysterious “Hoimi taste” will be released this time.What is “Hoimi” in the first place.I’m curious . So, I would like to research about Karaage-kun’s “Hoimi taste”, which will be newly released this time.Collaboration products with popular games.

I don’t play games at all, so I didn’t know it at all, but even people like me who aren’t familiar with games have heard the name, and it seems to be a collaboration product with that popular game.

What is Hoimi taste.

As anyone who has played the game [Dragon Quest] already knows, “Hoimi” is a recovery spell that appears in the game And when it comes to recovery, it’s associated with .It’s garlic .

This Karaage-kun “Hoimi taste” is said to have a garlic mayonnaise taste that is inspired by the recovery ingredients .Contrary to the cute appearance of the package, it tastes like garlic mayonnaise.Insanely tight system.

For Karaage-kun, I liked the salt lemon and shikuwasa flavors that were sold in the past, but it’s a little too tight and I’m worried about stomach upset. You can see that it is a product for men who like garlic and men who like gutsuri taste .
It is said that the adventurers’ HP will be restored , so adventurers should take this opportunity to recover with Karaage-kun’s “Hoimi taste”.

What is the probability that fried chicken will come out from rare.

Speaking of karaage-kun, there is [rare karaage-kun] with a branding iron.I’ve only hit it once, but from the branding iron, fried chicken is said to be 1 in 1000.If so, is it 1 in 1000 karaage-kun of branded slime? I think that it will be on sale for a limited time compared to regular regular products, so maybe the probability will increase by a little less than usual .

Karaage-kun Hoimi taste summary

Contrary to the cute slime package, the taste is garlic mayonnaise with the image of recovery ingredients.
It will be released on May 10th, and will come with “Lotto Sword (Toothpick)” as a first-come-first-served basis.
Karaage-kun “Hoimi taste” released on May 10th.Like the first-come-first-served Lotto sword (toothpick), there are actually more hidden elements.

Karaage-kun “Hoimi Aji” will be released on Tuesday , May 10th, which is also the end of Golden Week .
And on a first-come, first-served basis, it comes with a “lotto sword (toothpick)” that you can stab and eat with karaage-kun.
Since it is a Dragon Quest collaboration in every detail, it is a nice production for Dragon Quest fans.

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