Radha Krishna Paintings

Radha and Krishna are as inseparable as day & night, fire & smoke, rivers & oceans, and soul & consciousness. Everyone living or born in India, have heard about the eternal love story of Radha Krishna. Artists across the nation utilise their imagination, colour compositions, and appealing styles to craft some of the magnificent paintings of all time. People across the globe have been visiting the iconic ISKON temple, which, is being considered as one of the most prominent places to worship Radha and Krishna. Western countries are also not untouched by the magnificence of Radha Krishna. Well, throughout history, we have heard and read some epic love stories, but what is it about the mesmerising tale of Radha Krishna that makes millions to follow. What is so intriguing about Radha Krishna artworks? And why are Radha and Krishna are always termed as together even if they were never married.

Krishna was believed to be the 8th avatar of God Vishnu. He was born to Devaki, but was brought up by Yashoda. He was blessed with two mothers. Krishna since childhood was everyone’s favourite. Legend says that his charisma was so captivating that no one could oversee Krishna’s gracefulness. Neighbours and entire Mathura loved Krishna. Krishna’s favourite activity in childhood was to explore the jungle of Vrindavan and play the flute. The symphony of his flute was such that all of the girls around were enchanted with the scintillating aura. There were a lot of girls who loved Krishna from the day they saw him. Obviously, a soul is meant to get attracted towards its creator. Out of all, Radha, an ordinary girl, who was 10 years elder to Krishna loved him from the day she put her eyes on him.

Radha, who was irretrievably and unconditionally in love with Krishna, could not even think of getting away from the Krishna. Krishna knew it is going to be tricky to make Radha understand. When he told Radha, the latter broke in tears and was swallowed in sorrow. Krishna then explained that their love is eternal. He told that their love tale will be remembered till the end of time. He knew love was beyond the conventional thinking of being physically present with your partner. Radha, being a loyal lover and disciple, agreed to Krishna’s advice in a jiffy. They both part their ways and got married to different people. Today, there is not one place, where Krishna is worshipped and Radha is not. As Krishna prophesised, Radha became an inseparable part of Krishna. The love between them was so pious that even the artists while crafting exquisite Radha Krishna paintings feel discontent until they are able to show the intended feeling. The title of this part should not be “The separation” but “The true love”. But for a better understanding of my readers, I leave it as it is.

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